How are you spending your Holidays to learn Cryptocurrency or Algo trading bots



Here are the points from the PDF you can download below with benefits algo trading bots

Time Crunch for Holiday TimesIt is Holiday Time
● So what you gonna do on your first day off?
● What you going to learn?
● How do you cut through the noise?MotiveWave short cuts
● Leverage the Chat Server to setup optimal trading charts
● Back test and walk forward your trading ideas
● e.g. Which indicators have lowest lag
● Which tools or brokers have a unique advantageBenefit from Cryptocurrency but

No Technical Required
● Check out this course with live monthly intakes
● Starts first week of each month

Visit and look for “Enhance your Trading
Account with Cryptocurrency Course” or

Trading Bot in Python
● Write algo trading bots from ground up
● Learn bot components with end to end infrastructure
● Which are best Python packages and crypto exchanges
● Intense but can be worthwhile for ALL asset classes classes early 2022

4 Dedicated Q&A live sessions for Crypto and Python
trading bots
4 weeks of New trading content for MotiveWave tradingBonus
● 3 courses for early 2022
● University bootcamp ANNUAL

All books and digital version of USB key content found on

● Use exclusive MotiveWave to save time
● Want to build fast wealth? Try cryptocurrency

Interested in Python for career? Do bots but expect
investment time

The Pitch
● $497 USD for 3 month full access
● $997 USD for 12 month full access

Our deal is here

● Current price access of the 3 live courses

Download the this PDF within the video here

Boost your portfolio account with

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