Back to the 24/7 Python algo trading software bot

It seems MotiveWave cannot handle Binance well so it is back to this algo trading bot running 24/7

i just posted this on the chat server

as the crypto markets are so volatile and flat with changing coins, it is very difficult to expect motivewave to stay up to date. also, the extra trading with binance from MW reject many orders. as a result, I need to go back to the Python trading bot techniques i used in the past

This means I have go back to the older Python trading bot techniques so it can capture these swing 24/7 which MotiveWave cannot as coins change on a random basis. DO see that more. If you want to learn more about these techniques please consider looking at this since I have it a very low price for now

I am not the only one who has seen this as shown:

So I responded with this

That seems to be confirmed in Jan 2022. I don’t see these same problems using Kraken so consider that as another option. I think the problems lies in the Binance API being unreliable as opposed to MotiveWave. I just think MW exception handling cannot keep up with the issues of the Binance API. If you had to trade with Binance, I find that Python is more reliable but there are still exceptions as well.

What I present are the only options at this point

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