How to easily find Support and Resistance Levels Stock Market Analysis using Python

This is a long long art in stock market analysis for Python but here it is. Let me know if you think this source code is correct. Here is is video description:

In this video I show you how EASY it is to find support and resistance levels for your favorite stocks using Python. Knowing how to correctly find support and resistance levels is one of the most important skills a trader should have. Understanding and using key support and resistance levels is a problem many traders face and can results in bad trade setups and poor returns. With this video I hope to help you ease your way into this topic by providing you with a simple way to find basic key support and resistance levels using Python, Candlestick chart plotting, and Fractals. I also cover how to clean up some of the volatility based noise that you may find when using this method with Python. This tutorial uses the pandas, matplotlib and finance libraries/api in order to obtain the data and manipulate the information to obtain these key level indicators the way we want to see them.

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