Interactive Brokers account minimum for market data and live trading

As I try to learn more about this Interactive Brokers, there are some requirements:

1. 500 USD account for market data subscription. There is a $10 USD/month option for USA stock bundle including ETFs. All my ETFs at minimum will need to be US based only. Remember you need to wait 4 business days for the transfer to clear. Once completed, you can immediately activate the subscription.

2. To live trade, you need $2k USD with a margin account or $1k USD for cash account. I downgraded my account to cash as this is just a test while starting like a ‘little guy’.

3. Some of the selected ETF range in unit prices from $18-$153 but it can higher for higher performing ETFs like iShares SPY at $400. It just depends how much risk you are willing to take.

All in all, these rules are not really worth pursuing compared to setting up simpler crypto trading access compared to Kraken or Binance.

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