Gold Price Erased Gain as Treasury Rise on Fed Rate Comments

It seems gold is taking losses in an upside down world as the Federal Reserve hinted it would raise interest rates. This should be the opposite world but here are with a 30 trillion dollar national debt. Just visit

This is to fight inflation but it also kills off the US stock market. You would think digital currencies will rise as a true hedge as it supposed to be. It also falls since it is now co-related around the performance of the stock markets. Weird as that relationship has changed recently as well. This is due to the huge institutional capital has flowed into the digital currency space.

So where is the true hedge? If you look at the chart like at the Bloomberg link below.

USA Treasury goes up but gold goes down. Strange but the Fed will gladly continue for inflation as it chips away at lowering the national debt. Screw Granny and her savings.

So what to do? I only have one option which works for me? It just seem big tech don’t like it since they would censor me. Just consider joining my daily newsletter to learn more!

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