One on one mentoring to boost trading portfolio performance

Are you needing help with to help boost portfolio performance

1. Assessment of your financial statement for wealth building or retirement. Is your financial adviser optimizing the assets for optimal long term performance? Are you being short changed in your potential performance while paying out steep fees? I can help devise a strong potential for portfolio allocation to potentially boost annual returns up to 25% extra by showcasing uncorrelated assets. You could even empower yourself to learn or even educate your ‘professional’ financial adviser. Only 20% of advisers can generate ‘alpha’ profit by beating the standard market benchmark of the SPY as hinted here

2. I can act as a sounding board to ensure you are meeting your financial performance goals.

3. Are you wanting to fill in gaps by using alternative assets that could include digital asset or even ETF or foreign mainstream currencies you never thought of.

4. Are you needing help to find optimal asset weightings on high performing assets in your portfolio?

4. Are you needing extra personal coaching with custom attention to learn about fast moving crypto currency coins and tokens to elevate your returns with potential 25% overnight swings?

5. Are you wanting to build out a technical bot to trade cryptocurrency? I can direct you on a path to implement one.

6. For those who are serious with their financial goals, I can offer lowering your tax options or tips on setting up foreign corporations to boost wealth in which they cannot do a Western countries.

In order to maximize benefit, all I ask from you is to fill out a simple questionnaire. This will help me build a risk profile for you based on age as you get closer to retirement. This includes wealth building among other options. This will benefit your long term financial well being.

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