Bad market returns? This trading basket returns 371% annual

No need to worry about bad market returns. Download this latest trading basket generated today. As the markets have been tanking in deep red, I am still able to generate high returning baskets. Just refer the blue line to the latest trading basket, while the yellow is a standard benchmark like the S&P 500. This basket returns over 371% annually with 2 drawdown days that exceed 25%. If you still net it out, you would be doing quite well. What does this basket contain? It would contain 1 commodity ETF (not gold nor oil) with 5 currency pairs. For the year running, this basket generated only 1 negative month with some strong monthly returns of 35% or even 46%.

Let me know if you would like to know what is the mix of the basket. It could circumvent all the bad returns you are mos lkely seeing for all of 2022.

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