Upwork remote work review as a data scientist or ML engineer

How many of you trying to hire off this site? Here is my Upwork remote work review or opinion. I had some random experience, but most candidates seem to over-inflate their expertise to go off the rails for your project. You then sometimes are forced to pay out even if the project fails. I even used Upwork’s internal ‘recruiter’ to find someone decent based in Eastern Europe. I must admit he was pretty good for what I paid out.

As for being a candidate to do the job, I wonder how folks are making out. It seems to be quite competitive at the low end as there is a definite race to the bottom. When you have some decent East European developers, it is tough to compete against. As a potential employer, you tend to use this person as cattle or a commodity since there are so many of them. I would imagine it is a challenging field to make a decent living in.

What are your experiences?

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