Strategist Says BTC Could Plunge Below $10K

Same person who predicted the crypto crash now says BTC could drop below $10K. Looking at the latest crypto 20K struggle, it could drop down to 8-10K which could be healthy to clear out the weak coins. Here is some of his quotes:

“I still remember I was the loneliest man in the room. No one really wanted to talk to me too much there. I kind of had to stand in the corner because I was the only one that was bearish. But again, price is always king. Charts are always truth versus emotion,” Soloway said.

“I remain a long-term bull on bitcoin. In fact, when we broke $20,000, at $19K, I announced I started my beginning HODL position, and so, ever since we were at $65K, and even though I was bearish, I was always saying: Listen, long-term there is a huge place in the economy, in the world, for bitcoin, and I think we’ll get there, and we’ll get to $100K, $500K, maybe $1 million.”

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