Modern career C++ tips for quant trading in an institution

I answered this generic question for a Telegram group for this: career C++ tips for quant trading

Note I consider important a part of my POTENTIAL winding of all my websites in coming weeks. This could be the equivalent of my las hurrah before that happens.

I am not sure what your end goals are but if it you are wanting to get into institutional read on:

First understand that the Metatrader path is designed for the retail trader which is nowhere close to what institutions use. The term ‘quantitative field’ could mean anything depending upon who you talk to!

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If you choose the path of institutional, I would strongly recommend the following:

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) might be one of the most logical brokers for this as they cover all asset classes. You could get exposed to crypto via Grayscale or Paxos if need be.

In terms of coding on an institutional level, I would practice using the gateway for C++. You could then move to the FIX options as you get more advanced.

Refer to this page for IBKR:

Lightspeed could be another option after they took over Lime but beware ot this:

Just stick to a simple moving average cross C++ strategy to get working.

Some institutions seems to like but decent to practice in advanced strategy development. There is already a technical analysis library but I would I stick with the institutional options.

For what exchanges or brokers use from an institutional level, FIX is pretty well the standard protocol.

There are some FIX open source projects like or

There are a few FIX commercial engines used by high speed trading shops but these engines are very very expensive.

In terms of institutional level platforms and you can afford the monthly rates, I would use a stellar HFT level platform like Deltix. There are many language connection options including C++.

Here are some industry DMA connections you get: Eurex, Liffe, CME, LME, Montreal, Euronext, ICE, NLX & DGCX and use their order routing and broking facilities.

Many banks, hedge funds, and rumored partnership of Renaissance Tech/Numara partnerships use this platform. I would definitely start with this. Here are some open source projects

Another institutional level platform would be Trading Technologies who have a C++ API as well.

Matlab is still surprisingly used around industry so they have excellent C++ support as well.

If you find all these options overwhelming, don’t bother to pursue. This is why institutions have long job descriptions for the above skills. They are looking for those who are not only well versed in this but have a a huge passion for it.

Don’t forget that we have not even mentioned how well qualified you are required for the the math for actual real quant trading research skills. These are reasons why institutions pay very very well for these ‘career opportunities.’

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