Newest EU restrictions and FTX want crypto miners

This FX crypto CEO/founder gets crypto miners, he has an absolute major influence on the price.of crypto like BTC or ETH. Miners are struggling after the big crypto dips

He said this:

When we think about the mining industry, they do play a little bit of role in the possible contagion spread, to the extent that there are miners that were collateralizing borrows with their mining rigs,” Bankman-Fried said. “There might come along a really compelling opportunity for us – I definitely don’t want to discount that possibility.”

Plus we got this fun article

EU Agrees on Hard-Hitting Crypto Regulatory Framework

How will they control this?

They could also face limits of 200 million Euros in daily transactions, according …

THen there is on the climate change:

There will also be environmental regulations, with crypto firms having to disclose their energy consumption. Additionally, they will have to detail how tokens impact the environment, which is unlikely to bode well for proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. A previous proposal to ban PoW mining in the EU was voted down in March.

There will be a 1,000 Euro limit for transactions between exchanges and individual un-hosted wallets; anything above this must be reported to the authorities

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