My trading plan webinar set

Some new development you should know about including this My Trading Plan webinar

Webinar set for this Monday Aug 8 at 7 PM EDT

As I have been digging deep on where to deploy capital with this specific training plan. I am combining different metrics to decide on specific low volatile but predictable upswings in various market sectors.

New poll!

i have posted this poll with a question of ‘With all the Forex and ETF sub category analysis with a positive track record and verified trading accounts, what are you willing to pay each MONTH for this access?’on my community tab:

This leads up to new marketing efforts to get you to subscriber to my monthly offering of the Quant Analytics posted here

See my private postings here

As a reminder you can view my private postings at the chart server at

I don’t post as much on social media nor Telegram.

Lastly, am doing one more scan of the forex and ETF markets before I deploy my trading capital come Monday.

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