New trading basket generates 5% per day

I posted this new trading basket video on my blog:

The new trading basket generates 5 percent per day

I have revisited this today as the markets tanked, so I have removed two negative returning ETFs. This has left the current trading basket at 19% up for Aug, which is still really good. In addition, I posted more details behind my paywall for my customers of this service called ‘Quant Analytics’:

I will be raising this monthly fee very soon as it is starting to show outstanding results. Also, I will be getting my IBKR account verified from TradeMetria, which will be synched. This is an absolute standard you should look for when it comes to following traders who charge; if not, you will probably continue to lose money. I plan to raise the price at least $10/month.

I also posted an audio version of the webinar from last night. I revealed a lot in this of my Trading Plan, which will be deployed live later today. This is part of my Bootcamp services which I can gladly give you if you join the Quant Analytics service. More details here:

Thanks, Bryan

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