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This is a running article as this topic evolve with Interactive Brokers

This is a running article as this topic evolve with Interactive Brokers

Forex routed as odd lot oder

No market data

ETCG: Price  does not conform to the minum price variation for this contact

UNL: You are trying to submit order with an market order data. IB strongly recommends against this kind of blind trading which may result in erroneous or unexpected trades. Restricted is specified in Precautionary settings of Global configuration/preset à

GRN: Following order ID x price exceeds the percentage constraint of 3%. Restriction is specified in Preautionary settings of Global Configuration/Preset

When submitting certain ETFs, they will get synched up from MotiveWave to TWS. Look under TWI Class Mode API tab to see the queue of you orders and manually click Transmit to proceed with order.  You will get a pop up with an option to Override and Transmit. Do understand you rejected order message has to do with the recommendation to subscribe to market data.

Client Portal – Trading Permissions and Market Data

Under Market Data Subscriptions in IBKR online client portal:

North America

PAXOS Cryptocurrency – Trader Workstation  à Not updated for MotiveWave so only use TWS

Fee Waived

US Mutual Funds – Trader Workstation

Fee Waived

US Real-Time Non Consolidated Streaming Quotes – Trader Workstation

Fee Waived


Alternative European Equities – Trader Workstation

Fee Waived


IDEAL FX – Trader Workstation

Fee Waived

US and EU Bond Quotes – Trader Workstation

Fee Waived

To subscribe to market data, there is an option on TWS in Mosaic mode under Account pull down. There is also an option to set Trading Permissions. One clicked, both will load up your IBKR profile in a browser. Make sure you fill out and understand all online forms with IBKR in order to process your orders.

On client portal, under Trade -> Order Ticket you may see:


You are logged in without Trading/Market Data permissions

You are not connected to the brokerage system (You may be logged in on another platform). The displayed portfolio and market data are delayed.

You can still manage your account but can’t trade.

Login with market trading data to click (but mine circles around forever)

Access to Chat support with urgent as well

** The message of the currency trading of $25k is just a warning so there is no minimum account size needed to trade forex.

Reminder: When you buy forex, ensure you have enough in that currency you are buying. For example, make you have enough Japanese Yen if you are trading USD.JPY

FIrst day of activity

Mark-to-Market 0.52
Other Fees -18.78 -> Market dataof$14.50 USD
Commissions -6.18 <-2 shares of 2 ETFs

Takes you to after login

Canada or USA ?   For trade problems or other time-sensitive issues, please contact us by chat or telephone at 877-745-4222 à best to use this as chat never connects

Order fees and market data fees

$10 bundle US securities snapshot and futures value bundle/month

Live market US equity and options add on streaming. $4.5/month

Market data waived is commission > $30

Commission fee $1 entry $1 exit regulation exchange fee pricing tab

ETF management FEE not shown in order info

USE Market data assistant in help for each ticker lookup

Update: New error message on buy attempt ‘Rejected by System: Cash available (settled cash) 0.00. Cash needed for this order and other pending orders)’ Maybe just like in a crypto exchange you need to convert what you have to USD to buy. As in

Good news is that the MotiveWave platform does connect to TWS. Note you cannot login into the online IBKR customer portal and TWS at the same time.

It is confirmed you need to have USD in the account to buy USD-denominated security. You can convert by a simple forex trade .e.g. buys USD.CAD to convert from CAD to USD.

It limit orders are very slow but market orders are instant. Comission fees are the same despite the order type.

Cash statements for the trading day will show up after midnite the day of trading. You can find that on the customer portal under Performance & Reports.

You can only have one connection open at once with the customer portal, TWS, and mobile app.

Commission feeds of one day of actitity

Mark-to-Market 0.52
Other Fees -18.78 -> Market dataof$14.50 USD
Commissions -6.18 <2 shares of 2 ETFs

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