2 strategies to beat the bear market

The bear market in stocks has a long way to go, this money manager warns. Here are the 2 strategic moves he’s making

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“Sensing the Fed was about to pull the liquidity rug from the markets, we started reducing our risk starting on the first trading day of 2022. Not only did we sell shares to reduce our gross equity exposure, but we rotated from higher-beta growth stocks to lower-beta value stocks,” said Lebowitz…..

As he explains, $10,000 was invested in two scenarios in 2004. The buy-and-hold Scenario A was fully invested at all times, while B is the same except during the 2008 bear market — when it went to 50% in the S&P 500, the rest in cash earning 0%. Dividends were reinvested for both…..


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“We will likely maintain a smaller-than-normal equity allocation until it appears the Fed is truly going to pivot,” he said.

“We gravitated away from tech toward utilities and healthcare, for instance. We also kept our inflation hedge/exposure up with energy and some materials companies,”


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The bear market in stocks has a long way to go, this money manager warns. Here are the 2 strategic moves he’s making.

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