More details on Investing vs day trading webinar tonite

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Reminder about the webinar tonite at 7PM EDT with login and further details here

NOTE! Sorry as This was meant for Thursday Oct 20 not tonite.

Reminder about the webinar TOMORROW at 7PM EDT with login and further details here

I am going to focus on my rejected article stocks from Seeking Alpha. They are worthy to look at! You can get more details on this involves in my chat server at

Also, I will add more exclusive content what looks using the same Analytics reports I use but will be presented in video format. This will take place here

Also, the currency/forex markets are going through a major market regime change which has been place in this year. It could lead to more negative moves that inflation.

Crypto is still too volatile to even look at so it is not worthy to ‘invest’ into.

Thanks Bryan

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