US loses 50k retail forex traders

175,000 RetailForex Traders Traded in the US in Q2 2022

That’s it?? You would think it would be much bigger than 175K. TD Ameritrade gets majority of new accounts while IBKR are most profitable. Oanda is trash now! More international stats:

If we wanted to create a ranking of countries with the highest average number of people trading in FX derivatives, Australia (100,000), Germany (84,000) and Poland (80,000) would be next in line after HK and US.

Crypto don’t help here as well.

As for the UK, this don’t help neither for forex users in UK

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Is Technical analysis dead?

Technical Analysis Is Dead, Long Live Transaction Analysis

I think technical analysis is for timing orders and not predicting. Learn from what crypto traders do or just use options on stocks

I do have a course on this onchain transactional thing here.