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Yesterday I could generate a choice of 27 stocks picks for tomorrow's trading.

Yesterday I could generate a choice of 27 stocks picks for tomorrow’s trading. After closer examination, I have found five companies with robust momentum and decent fundamentals considering the challenging times we’re faced with. As in my last week being able to generate a little alpha with trading profit against the standard benchmark of the S&P 500, I’m hoping this week will be much better. As I go into my second week of this live trading, I hope to achieve the same success.

As you know, I have been working on auditing all my websites by purging more than 90% of my older content. This has been an exhaustive process that is taking up a lot of my time but it is a high priority two resuscitate growth in my online business.

My next major step will be incorporating the third-party verified trading journaling software for all my live trading. This will be a crucial step to verify my trading positions from a synchronized account with Interactive Brokers in real-time. Will I be the only one to showcase this openly to my website visitors? If so, while at the same time, I’m generating alpha, you can expect future price increases over the next few weeks if my goals are  achieved.

This is why it might be wise to jump into this package I’ve listed here on my Shopify store to take advantage of what is offered. It is a limited, low-risk offer that some real traders out there should take advantage of. So, if you’ve been on the fence on all of my activities lately, it might be wise to jump on this immediately.

Also, I am looking at putting together a live trading workshop showing you how to take my stock picks with its raw data to enable your automated trading setup with a motor wave. I believe this is the number one way to set up the trading business without needing to be chained to a computer. Do remember that MotiveWave is coming out with a formidable mobile app to trade on the go.

If you have questions about these endeavors, please respond by responding to this e-mail.

Thanks, Bryan,

PS. I don’t think I’ll be holding a live webinar tomorrow night due to the higher priority of this audit.

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