7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders

What amazing tips for these highly successful traders. You see all the typical BS hurrah nonsense from uneducated frat __ who know nothing of trading. Where is the proven track record? The explanation of positive expectancy and dynamic strategy is quite unique. This site keeps cranking out excellent articles.

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3 reasons to avoid dividend reinvestment

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Dividend Reinvestment Programs

I agree with the 3 points here in this article. unless you are fossil who cannot do your own investment because you don’t have the patience or tech luddite. Relying on professional financial advisors can be detrimental if things don’t work out. I explain it in the video below

Modern technology has removed a lot of the benefits of dividend reinvestment programs.

Zero-dollar commissions and fractional shares are readily available through most brokers.

You can deploy cash dividends more efficiently if you take a slightly more active role in your portfolio.


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Easier to build wealth without real estate

As a financial planner, I always say you don’t have to buy real estate to build wealth — there’s a better strategy that’s much easier

As this article states, you could use Real Estate Income Trusts or REIT ETFs to build wealth while not being a landlord or be exposed to actual real estate. On the other hand, the real estate ETF category is subpar compared to other assets like foreign currency. You would be way farther ahead if you knew where to go. Consider this


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