Best Quant website with this unconventional guide

Are these the best quant websites from QuantInsti? How many of these sites do actual live trading. I would say that matters the most. EP Chan is the closest in this list. Here is the list with feedback:

Quantocracy -> a network of quant related sites bot much daily content lately

Dr EP Chan blog -> pretty active and running a real hedge fund and AI firm. Nice guy to boot

QuantInsti -> Obviously biased as they put this list together. Is their EPAT effective for career as I don’t know.

QuantStart -> Is this still active or recent? Their last Tweet was Feb 2021.

Investopedia -> Standard

Geeks for Geeks -> Unknown to me

Stack Overflow -> Anyone uses it and should not be ashamed

Stack Exchange -> does not seem to answer to a lot questions

Quora -> Latest paywall don’t help

There are a list of research paper sites.

MIT OpenCouseWare -> I would imagine this is a great way to learn stuff for us cheapskates

Coursera -> Is this really valid ??

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