Benefits of cryptocurrency news over forex in 2022

The Canada crackdown on the protestors has started while the country are now seizing people’s banks account. This is why cryptocurrency news has become more important than ever. Someone asked about the performance of orex versus crypto in 2022, I still have a lot more faith in crypto vs forex. This does not mean you ignore forex or currencies. I have found ways to get lucrative returns long term with recently discovered trading baskets with ETFs mixed in.

In this video, I show some the gems discovered by my bot. Also, the days of easy money are done. It is time to take control of your finances. Also, make your portfolio defensive to preserve wealth.

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Quant Analytics Monthly for ETF and forex monthly service

One of the most sophisticated analytics advisory service that focuses on mainstream accessible ETF and forex/currencies. This can be purchased on any major broker in the world. All market data and pricing comes from Oanda CFD and currency data which followed hot market capital flow. This include latest additions

1. This includes high returning trading baskets which outperform standard benchmark of S&P 500 or SPY ETF. All optimal assets are privately posted with videos for current and upcoming analysis. All trading market conditions of up and downswings with sideways trading.

2. Get latest Analytics report tearsheet files from working charts with standard statistic performance metrics.

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My trading basket beats your trading basket webinar

Decsription of this webinar playback:

Here is the test want to test people if they have any trading baskets among their ETF or forex selections can beat the returns I am showing. I will run one for the day which will be the latest for the trading day. I am wanting to see if any out there can beat it. Can you do it? Considering the times have been hard in the markets as they have been negative for the last few weeks. Here is what the returns have been the standard benchmark of S&P 500:

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