Download a Portfolio & Dividend Tracker Excel Spreadsheet

 Download a Portfolio & Dividend Tracker Excel Spreadsheet

I have looked at this post which focuses on a dividend tracker Excel Spreadsheet. I am not saying this is worthless but there are easier ways to build out a smart spreadsheet. You can join my email list for a PDF to introduce a paid Excel addin that does all this.

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It is quite good but I use Python myself which is more flexible for my needs. This is what I show along with my solutions using MotiveWave.

You can always ask me on my Private Chat Server about this.

How many instruments can you watch simultaneously?

How many instruments/assets can you watch simultaneously? Knowing if you are trying to tweak your optimal potential returns is essential. I posted my various scans behind my Paywall, which you can get access to here

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Get some free trading tech secret tools in this PDF

I posted this on the private chat server in The General Room:

what is the max number of assets you watch at? is it as a human or with automation?

Extra filtering for better stock picks with real data

I just added real world stock picks you could use for better stock picks for max results. These are all based on best performing market sectors with more profitable outlook and strong analysts calls. These lead with this:

It seems that this relationship works pretty good. I have 3 data sets of stock picks for you. This was from the picks of Thursday market data. I also expanded the search for stock price under $50.

Get some free trading tech secret tools in this PDF