Uncorrelated trading basket can still outpace stock market today by 20 percent in 2022

These 2 assets combine offer stellar return. This time there is no gold, silver, nor oil to make it happen. It is time to pay attention to this (to beat the stock market today) if you want to preserve your wealth and actually grow it. Otherwise you could lose your gains moving forward.

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Tracking silver or gold price makes huge difference in returns for a portfolio

In this video, i a explain how certain basket of instruments can make it a different. TIming also makes a difference. Once you get extreme down moves, one can determine how to maximize returns when bad news hits. Even when gold price and silver is adding, that can alter your results as well.

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Do these tearsheet basket outperform stock market today

I have experimented with this newer Python package quantstats. It seems to work when you look at certain un-correlated instruments can outperform the benchmark S&P 500 stock market toda. Both baskets outperform as shown.

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This all comes from this video and demo