SHIB moved 10 percent today

Our new website is up but it boring for search engine option reasons. See the links below as we move traffic to this new domain URL of Also, see how SHUB moved today below!

SHIBA INU just moved 10 percent

Did you miss that big move SHIBA INU? Consider what you also missed.

Flat cryptocurrency with the exception of XLM and EOS

There is not much in the cryptocurrency coins like EOS and XLM (Stellar Lumen). The cryptocurrency market has quieted down.

Gold silver ratio is only true hedge against inflation so forget these precious metals


Our webinar is still happening at 7 PM EDT/ We wiill be talking most likely all thing tech and trading bots! Join us on our Telegram channel at

Thanks Bryan

P.S. There are going to a lot sales of the holiday season. Why slow down? I will be winiding down this deal in the next day! I just opened our Interactive Brokers account so expect some new content there in the mainstream world of automated trading.