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I have created the new 3 course bundle course I am calling “Algo Trading Delight.” This contains 3 courses of:

The first course is our popular Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with CryptoCurrency

Smart Money Tactics for Top 5% Crypto Traders

The truth about trading bots: what your challenges or issues?

Details and purchase here

I created a new Discount Coupon code that willexpire at 11:30 PM EDT on May 12

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The exact coupon to apply during check out is:


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I also have create a new payment gateway to access all our courses.

Thanks Bryan

What is Backtrader? Is it for algo trading development?

backtrader is a tool I talk about in both my Python infrastructure course and soon new to be bundled 3-course set. In one section under my new course call Algo Trading Challenges, I talk about the myths of back trading. This Backtrader is definitely the more popuar one. Details here

This new 3 course bundle will highlight examples how back trading could be an ineffective way when it comes to strategy development. Let me know if you would interested in learning more about this course when it comes to Algo Trading Challenges

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What are your problems with algo trading or strategy development

I am compiling content to see the hardest SPECIFIC challenges on people’s challenges with algo trading. What are your FULL specific challenges with algo trading or bot? What are your challenges during the strategy development or trading idea? Thanks

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