Let your trading app be your friend

As explained in this podcast episode, your trading broker or crypto exchange trading app can help your exits. This is important to listen if you are trying to mimic my setup between a trading platform (MotiveWave) and the broker/exchange. I am with Kraken for crypto and Interactive Brokers for equity. You can also use Oanda for forex or CFD.

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Apple IOS removed MT4 MT4 Metatrader forex apps

FX/CFDs Industry Reacts to Appleā€™s MetaTrader Apps Removal

Apple IOS removed Metatrader MT4 and MT5 due to the many forex trading broker scams. It just goes to show what the problem is. I would not be surprised to see MetaTrader to be download per reliabled/trusted forex broker from the Apple IOS app store.

Get some trading secret tech tools https://quantlabs.net/books/