How do I get into overcrowded banking or hedge fund industry

I try to address in how to get in today’s overcrowded challenging financial, hedge fund, or banking indutstry. Or are you wanting to trade yourself as an independent? I try answer all these questions from a Facebook fan:

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Here were the questions:

Hey Bryan long time no hear , I’m wondering if you know much about the being a quant for an institution vs like someone that’s just doing it the self .

I do see that there are different groups and institutions in the market that use different methods/strategies

like there’s market makers, banks, retirement funds and the small retail traders ect.

Like methods of trading would be different as market makers/banks have access to large amounts of capital and have risk management measures where HFT is used and other methods like arbitrage ect however arbitrage may not be optimal for banks and large players as the returns are relatively small in certain markets such as crypto due to low liquidity.

where as a retail trader that uses algorithms for arbitrage could make decent returns on small capital.

I was also wondering like because the industry is so dynamic and conditions constantly change how frequent must an algorithm be changed usually from your experience as “it depends”

I’m very interested in the field and want to get more experience in it however my full time job is in management consulting where quant finance is very proprietary so I’m not sure what’s the best way to break into that industry