Forbes bad picks suggestion for best value ETFs

These value best values ETFs are useless from Forbes. I also have the same for other big media outlets. I would not recommend using these source since they are completely. You will lose money in the long as shown here based on these ETFs picks.

Average returns

VLUE -0.000403
VONV -0.000290
RWL -0.000126
FNDX -0.000165
PRF -0.000230
VTV -0.000123
NULV -0.000386

As you can see these are all negative from the past. These will not be picked up by my portfolio optimizer which means they will not be selected for any potential trading baskets. Avoid this method with major warning in place.

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basket trading strategy generates Sharpe ratio 3

basket trading strategy generates Sharpe ratio 3 on mixed market day. Wow! This consistency ins impressive as it picks only the best-performing instruments which are a mix of different trading currency pairs or forex. There is also one commodity but this changes. DO realize that both oil and gold get rejected by my portfolio optimizer.

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