The China Fund

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I found this super fund about China. If you want some exposure, you could try this little unknown fund. It has gone from $10 in Nov to $14 in Dec, which is an excellent run in these challenging markets. 

If you don’t like this concept of profiting from China, you might not like this episode, so be forewarned. 

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George John Jr Iwanicki Net Worth (2022) | wallmine

China Yuan currency replace the US dollar?

Could China’s Yuan replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s dominant currency? Here’s how the Asian nation’s trade supremacy is quickly boosting its reserve status

Could this happen? I was told UAE Dinar could be the one because of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They are fast-growing cities and becoming economic powerhouse from a global standpoint.

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Will China start global recession?

The numbers coming out of China do not look good. The Covid Zero policy don’t help either for a global recession. Also, the numbers and charts from this Bloomberg article spells it as well.

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