how shall I learn to code?

Here is a Reddit post from a 14 year old looking for advise on how to learn to code. This guy sounds quite ambitious so s/he could have more money this us within 5 years.

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Here was one useful comment among many

‘ll share my experience here, when I was 15, I started by building my first software to solve a personal problem, there was no such software by then which would do what I wanted (at least at the time), then I searched on the internet what is needed to start programming (by then, we did not even had google, it was more like a yahoo thing), so, I’ve learned programming logic myself, I picked a crap tutorial on the internet but it was enough, then for that specific problem I wanted to solve, I’ve researched: What language is able to do this, and again, by then it was Delphi(yeah, ugly I know), so I’ve learned it myself and understood the basics to get my program ready. Can you think about a program, software that you’d like to build?