Asian currencies have higher return in this trading basket

Another trading basket return with 1 non-USA market index, 4 Asian currencies, and 2 European. This result is a more conservative mix with a Sharpe Ratio of 2.04 and a lower annual return. The max drawdown is within a tolerance of -13%. Monthly returns over last 3 months only around 10% but higher than inflation.

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Benefits of cryptocurrency news over forex in 2022

The Canada crackdown on the protestors has started while the country are now seizing people’s banks account. This is why cryptocurrency news has become more important than ever. Someone asked about the performance of orex versus crypto in 2022, I still have a lot more faith in crypto vs forex. This does not mean you ignore forex or currencies. I have found ways to get lucrative returns long term with recently discovered trading baskets with ETFs mixed in.

In this video, I show some the gems discovered by my bot. Also, the days of easy money are done. It is time to take control of your finances. Also, make your portfolio defensive to preserve wealth.

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