Currencies or forex trading webinar posted

I posted last night’s webinar on the best forex pairs to watch for. I went into detail for each. Some unknown currency relationships are forming. Not only that, but these also have a story behind them, as certain currencies are stronger than others. This makes trading more predictable. It revolved around the macro economy for a country, commodity, or how their local stock markets are doing.

There was also a detailed conversation about programming tips for careers. It went into about web3 potential for jobs. If you want to listen to it, please let me know as you need to be a member since it is behind a paywall.

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asian countries capital and currency only performers right now

Asian countries capital and currency are the only performers right now. It seems no actual portfolio managers want to touch USD or EUR. Commodities, equity, and crypto have non-performing outlooks as well. Some Asian countries show some growth with capital and currency flows. It does not include China, as they still suffer due to this global sickness.

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