Extra filtering for better stock picks with real data

I just added real world stock picks you could use for better stock picks for max results. These are all based on best performing market sectors with more profitable outlook and strong analysts calls. These lead with this:

It seems that this relationship works pretty good. I have 3 data sets of stock picks for you. This was from the picks of Thursday market data. I also expanded the search for stock price under $50.

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Use AI Analyze Data in Microsoft Excel

There are some interesting Excel AI Analyze Data features that could be considered artificial intelligence. Once Chat GPT is fully implemented into the Office 365 applications like Excel, we can fully expect to fully exploit what OpenAI can offer.

Thanks to close Session user for sending this

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Here is the video description

In this Excel tutorial, we will show you how to use AI in the Analyze Data functionality in Microsoft Excel. We will show you how to ask custom questions to Microsoft Excel’s AI. We will also show you how to easily get insights about your data using AI.

US inflation data today is slightly lower in Jul

US Uinflation data today slightly lower in Jul. This inflation is killing everyone economically in the West including the US. This data today also a win for Biden as you know.

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