Gold silver ratio most reliable metric to measure economy

I found the gold/silver ratio (XAU/XAG) on the Oanda forex broker. You can also view on TradingView as well. This is the most reliable metric for general global risk to the market. I would rely a lot on Federal Reserve data since there is a history of manipulation there.

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Why The Gold Price Is Broken

I find this article spewing out all kinds of misinformation on gold no different than these articles I wrote

When you see this:

You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to note that gold’s rise over recent years has coincided with Russia’s huge build-up of gold reserves.

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What happened to the price after the launch of this war?

This article was written by Clem Chambers but remember the opportunity cost hold it and trying to time when gold back up. Also I explain how you trade gold safely in a crypto coin if you are willing to watch these video