Does Google hate my cryptocurrency analyis talk?

I just posted these on my private chat server at which is free for all. It is about how Google hate cryptocurrency no matter what their official public stance is!

i look at my google search console for the new domain of, it seems clearly google hates my crypto talk

admin 15:41:49
here is what i should, i will be blabbing more privately in this chatserver and telegram. the wealth opportunity is immense but google and us regulators are holding back your potential

admin 15:42:48
i might even need to limit this on both my and domains. i will also have to limit this talk as well on all social media including youtube and podcasts

admin 15:49:44
i don’t think i can even EMAIL out crypto talk since most folks have gmail. it is just another way that google could potentially punish my effort

sadmin 15:50:09
as a result, i can only post behind these closed doors

All posted at

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