Answering questions for Indian graduate about high frequency trading aks HFT

There were a bunch of questions trying to help this Indian based student who had questions about high frequency trading

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Hey, I happen to come across our channel while researching about HFTs. I am a pre-final year undergraduate at IIIT H in India and I want to start my own prop trading firm. Could you help me in listing what software and hardware requirements would be needed ? Do HFT firms create their own softwares (like coding their own terminal, the low latency trading system etc.) or they purchase it from a third party ? And what could be the possible difficulties for a new firm and how to tackle them? HFTs maintain secrecy and it is difficult for an outsider to know what happens inside. I consulted people who already work at HFTs in my country. They couldn’t answer properly due to the secrecy. I am reaching out to you, a non-resident of my country to whom I can’t be a possible competitor in the future. Your help will be appreciated.