Forex performance between Oanda vs IBKR

I wanted to test the forex performance between Oanda vs IBKR. ALso, the weaker USD hinders the current USD and weaker currencies. As a result, this test shows that Oanda has lower loss for Aug while IBKR is deeper. I added a few IBKR forex pair to my current watchlist along with stronger ETFs. I posted all this in my private chat server at

See the different tearsheets to see the difference.

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forex trading course review Compare Oanda and IBKR´┐╝

forex trading course review Compare Oanda and IBKR Which one is better for forex trading? Is there a coursetha shows this? This is my review as I more committed to IBKR. Each has their currency pairs that offer performance. Which offers better forex trading performance?

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Which Python package works with Interactive Brokers orders?

Which Python package listed below actually works when you want to send an order to Interactive Brokers. Judging from this question:

See the Github list here (note this link for a working sample in Python with forex orders)

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