Will inflation continue to move up in 2023?

I review Oanda’s significant energy, metal, and food commodities to look for inflation. There is a general trend happening which also shows momentum into 2023. Don’t be fooled by what’s going on. There are opportunities so take advantage of new potential inflationary trading. 

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US inflation data today is slightly lower in Jul

US Uinflation data today slightly lower in Jul. This inflation is killing everyone economically in the West including the US. This data today also a win for Biden as you know.

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Warren Buffett: How to Make Money During Inflation

Some highlights of this Warren Buffet article are below:

While unproductive assets like gold, art, and real estate can hold their value during inflation as a hedge against a devaluing currency they don’t produce cash flow and don’t have asset production value. Buffett prefers holding stocks of companies that produce commodities like oil and gold during a recession as a hedge

There are more inflation quotes as well.

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