More detail costs on Interactive Brokers market data

Many are confused about these Interactive Brokers’ market data options. It seems there is a simple $10/month on a “US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle”


This is supposed to help

Nore the Reddit comment for free data which makes sense

It’s complicated and this page helped me a big

Since I generate more than $30 a month of commissions, I just subscribe to it because it’s free and I need it to get other bundles on top of it.

From what I can make sense of, you will need $10 base with $0.01 for each snapshot request at $0.01. There are caps but I need to get in touch with the IBKR to see what the monthly max cost would be set at.

You could also use Yahoo Finance data for MotiveWave which is free as shown here

The limit of requests with Yahoo is

There’re some limitations by making the call to Yahoo Finance API: Using the Public API (without authentication), you are limited to 2,000 requests per hour per IP (or up to a total of 48,000 requests a day).Mar 21, 2020,of%2048%2C000%20requests%20a%20day).

Both Google and Yahoo Finance data do not support forex but they do support Free equity which is stock and ETF

NOTE: From what I am seeing from the fee link below, it seems you need not worry about data fees if you do at least 15 (x2 round trip) trades per month. You will be paying $1×2=$2 per trade

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I am also updating this more detail on the private chat server

Which Python package works with Interactive Brokers orders?

Which Python package listed below actually works when you want to send an order to Interactive Brokers. Judging from this question:

See the Github list here (note this link for a working sample in Python with forex orders)

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interactive brokers platform setup configuration and tips

interactive brokers platform setup configuration and tips. What hell this can be with Interactive Brokers. Their support to setup is kind confusing so I offer tips here before trying the platform with live money.

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