How To Safeguard Your Investment Portfolio During Recession

Some of these latest articles I have highlighted about fighting a recession are a complete joke. I have saved you from reading time wasted diatribe. This article is ok for the noobs out there. Here are some highlights:

Buy the dip and hang on for dear life?

Who comes with this? As a recent Bitcoin investor to see how much they lost during the ‘buy the dip’ mentality. This author says hang for the long term while your investment goes down the toilet. You cannot make this sh*t up!

Buy defensive stock

I will give him some credit there but that is a comment from an amateur. There are always better performing sectors out there you might not know about. Why do you think I built this new script to circumvent these nonsense articles out there?

Avoid all the nonsense of relying on useless online content to get top-performing returns

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BlackRock investment portfolio why fund stable coin USDC?

blackrock investment portfolio why would they fund this stable coin USDC? This is the largest investment asset manager in the world. Now they add to their portfolio this large stable coin USDC. Understand this could be the Federal Reserves’s digital currency of choice for their CBDC. Is this some of a investment conspiracy as Blackrock is manages over 9 Trillion dollars.

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