cryptocurrency news today crypto to survive recession shock

Cryptocurrency news today with BTC ETH outperforms to survive recession shock. This is from the Bank of American chief investment strategist, but the crypto COULD outperform. I show a shart of the 2 largest cryptocurrencies listed today. This is enormous news indeed.

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Create your own ‘bank’ with cryptocurrency news webinar

As you know with the crazy restrictive emergency laws being introduced in the last week, many moving their savings out of FIAT banks into cryptocurrency trading. As a Canadian, I am going to show you what the actual law is where it comes to the Canada Revenue Agency regards of crypto wallet activity. There are some options we can talk about your choices in how you can literally:

  1. Create your own ‘bank’ anonymously with crypto
  2. In the future, draw off your crypto saving with a Visa debit card.
  3. Trade using a European de-central exchange to trade perpetual contracts and other high performing coins

This will take place at 7 PM EST on Thur Feb 24 on my Telegram news channel at

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