oanda forex trading give news 2023 investing worldview

oanda forex trading give news 2023 investing worldview. I am back on Oanda the broker for forex and CFD trading. i am looking at these like I use to for investment idea. What is coming 2023 is quite revealing.

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Forex performance between Oanda vs IBKR

I wanted to test the forex performance between Oanda vs IBKR. ALso, the weaker USD hinders the current USD and weaker currencies. As a result, this test shows that Oanda has lower loss for Aug while IBKR is deeper. I added a few IBKR forex pair to my current watchlist along with stronger ETFs. I posted all this in my private chat server at https://quantlabs.info/public/

See the different tearsheets to see the difference.

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This is how to know which ETFs to invest into with Oanda data

Using this broker Oanda data is the easiest, cheapest, and most affordable way to get a general snapshop of global hot capital flow. In this case as an example, you can see the steady up predictable moves of Indian vs Chinese markets. You can say the same on why gold or silver is not a smart place to ties up capital that can give better performance elsewhere.

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