Extra filtering for better stock picks with real data

I just added real world stock picks you could use for better stock picks for max results. These are all based on best performing market sectors with more profitable outlook and strong analysts calls. These lead with this:

It seems that this relationship works pretty good. I have 3 data sets of stock picks for you. This was from the picks of Thursday market data. I also expanded the search for stock price under $50.

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Are these long term stock picks for ETF and forex decent for 2022?

Big notes to take away from this list of potential long term stock picks These are the potential to outperform most likely as the rest of the big 6 currencies are dying off. There are is growth in certain markets you would not expect. Also note these are considered TOP PERFORMERS moving forward into 2022. I also list what could be considered to be traded on Interactive Brokers (IB) but this data comes from Oanda forex and CFD which has proven to be quite reliable as a a data source. Do not trade on Oanda though!

Note: Some might argue these points but I don’t care since this is what the charts show, not opinions!

XAU/GOLD → Can only trade GLD ETF not by currency on IB

EUR/JPY → stable

UK100 → showing some outperformance compared to other western markets since it underperformed over the last 2 years

IN50 → Could be best performing market independently from other global major markets

USD/THB ← short term

USD/ZAR ←-watch this but long it trends


WTICO/USD → could take off but use USO ETF only on IB

NZD/JPY → stable long term

Benefit from inflation

SYBN/USD → nice trend forming like Corn


CORN/USD → Ok but other ag shows potential to outperform

XCU→ copper should be ready to move up

GBPPLN → short term but I don’t think you can trade PLN on IB

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