Download a Portfolio & Dividend Tracker Excel Spreadsheet

 Download a Portfolio & Dividend Tracker Excel Spreadsheet

I have looked at this post which focuses on a dividend tracker Excel Spreadsheet. I am not saying this is worthless but there are easier ways to build out a smart spreadsheet. You can join my email list for a PDF to introduce a paid Excel addin that does all this.

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It is quite good but I use Python myself which is more flexible for my needs. This is what I show along with my solutions using MotiveWave.

You can always ask me on my Private Chat Server about this.

How Charlie Mungers portfolio?

Here is the highlights of his portfolio from the link

What is in Charlie Munger’s portfolio?

Munger believes in holding a concentrated portfolio of his top picks that he is an expert on. He is currently very heavily weighted in the finance sector with the top U.S. banks. He is also bullish on online retailing in China, however he did recently reduce his Alibaba position by 50% this year.

Period: Q2 2022
Portfolio date: October 5, 2022 13F filing
Number of stocks: 5
Portfolio value: $163 million

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