Survey: Learn about advancements in quant trading and programming?

I am currently running this survey on my Youtube community tab about quant trading vs programming:

If you don’t use Youtube, you can answer this directly to me via responding to this email. 

Would you be willing to pay a premium (e.g. >$500/year) to learn about advanced techniques in quant, trading, and programming? These are provided from 3rd party credited sources There would be weekly posts at a minimum on new content.

  1. Yes I am willing if source code is provided
  2. No it is to expensive
  3. Absolutely NO as I like FREE stuff

Thanks Bryan 

Confirmed that Interactive Brokers Python API still works

As instructed in this video, you can still do Google searches for “Interactive Brokers Python API” as for on my Youtube channel at

interactive brokers python

This results in:

You could also search for

Interactive Brokers Python API sample code

Search: python3 configure tws for api sample code

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