Easier to build wealth without real estate

As a financial planner, I always say you don’t have to buy real estate to build wealth — there’s a better strategy that’s much easier

As this article states, you could use Real Estate Income Trusts or REIT ETFs to build wealth while not being a landlord or be exposed to actual real estate. On the other hand, the real estate ETF category is subpar compared to other assets like foreign currency. You would be way farther ahead if you knew where to go. Consider this


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Real Estate vs. Stock Market for more money

Real Estate vs. Stock Market for more money which shows it stock market

I posted a video on this on my Rumble account but it is very evident stock market gives you better returns long term but good real estate tenants generate cash flow. You can also participate in real estate ETFs so you don’t have to be a landlord unless you love it.

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This says it all from this article below:

If we look at the list of the richest people in the world the majority of them built their wealth through founding companies, taking them public, and holding on to a large share of the stock as they built them into large cap companies.

Looking at this list it shows that owning shares in the best companies is the most common path to world class wealth. Nothing creates net worth on a larger scale than the leverage of building a business that can be taken public. At the same time investors can participate in this wealth building by owning the shares the billionaires own or copying the portfolios of legendary investors. You can start small and grow your own portfolio.