Double digit returning stock for this month

I was working on it yesterday, experimenting with the percentage of top stocks I should scan on with double digit returning stock this month alone. This is based on market sectors. Some are returning close 30% return alone for this month already. It helps to see which stocks are best for performance. There is a higher concentration on higher-performing stocks in top sectors versus a wider breadth of sectors. This is where I need to experiment.

Also, I can filter out low volatile stocks under a specific stock price. Since I have a small trading account, I am looking at setting my price at $30. The performance of these stocks is even more impressive, so I also stick with this set of different patterns.

I have also fixed this problem which will greatly improve my automated trading with IBKR and MotiveWave.

How to IBKR trading with dxFeed data for MotiveWave – QUANTLABS.NET

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