Forex trading strategies generate a basket with a 180% annual return

For example, this set of Forex trading strategies shows 180% over the last year with over 90% in forex/currencies among six instruments.

Thanks, Bryan

PS. I am starting to ramp my offering for the Quant Elite membership for both programmers and traders. I will be rolling my Analytics Subscriptions for ETF/Forex and Crypto into this membership. It will also be annually based as well. See the details here:

I will also be private videos on the following topics for members, which include:

  1. What do Top 5% Crypto Trades have vs. the rest (this includes me in the 95^)
  2. Booby Traps of Algo Trading
  3. And more to come…

I might offer my MotiveWave Java source for the strategy I use for Live trading as well.