US loses 50k retail forex traders

175,000 RetailForex Traders Traded in the US in Q2 2022

That’s it?? You would think it would be much bigger than 175K. TD Ameritrade gets majority of new accounts while IBKR are most profitable. Oanda is trash now! More international stats:

If we wanted to create a ranking of countries with the highest average number of people trading in FX derivatives, Australia (100,000), Germany (84,000) and Poland (80,000) would be next in line after HK and US.

Crypto don’t help here as well.

As for the UK, this don’t help neither for forex users in UK

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develop the mindset of a professional trader

I have done another 20 minute video today talk about the latest positions I have taken. This is turning into being the mindset of a professional trader. Out of 3 positions, I dumped which means I went against my original investment thesis. I will just stick with what I write on Seeking Alpha. Also, my crypto choice correct as well. In fact, it was one of the only coins that was profitable in the last 24 hours.

If this continues over the next week or 2, I am thinking of getting a third party verification account to synchronize with my Interactive Brokers and Kraken. If I continue to see solid live trading profit, I will use this as verified proof to justify future memberships fee for my Quant Analytics.

As I said earlier, this means I will be raising the monthly price of $47 to $67. If all goes well, I will be able to justify the cost beyond $127 each month.

What am I saying?

Join this membership where you get grandfathered permanently as long as you remain a member. I find the last 2 video (including today) is a new way to deliver my live trading.

As said, I am planning to raise the price to $67/month this Tues Oct 11

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Support and Resistance Cheatsheet which 95% Of Traders Don’t Know

This year has proven to be a year you should not day trade. The downtrend and volatility is so strong you could lose money. These support and resistance cheatsheet should be questioned in these market conditions unless you like shorting. Technical analysis is fine for when momentum comes back into the markets.

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