Warning about where I trade live

I have posted a 20-minute video explaining where I am LIVE trading and why. I find this is my better way to communicate with more effective presentations. I am also using my latest articles at Seeking Alpha as references. As I am building up my profile quickly, I am also looking at raising my monthly fee of $47 to $67 per month. Consider this a warning about where I trade live. I will raise the again to $97, which will makes it way to $127/month. I like this type of revenue, but there will be lots of value with these frequent videos. Remember I am talking honestly about my live trading both in Interactive Brokers ad Kraken for crypto.

The Seeking Alpha articles are helpful and hard to get approved. I will follow up on the video format analysis since many of these articles get watered down to be approved. I will also talk about other lucrative areas I will invest in. Due to the time involved with each article, they are not worthy of publication on Seeking Alpha. This includes crypto opportunities.

I have started using machine learning/AI techniques as part of the analysis. There is also unique techniques using the dark pool, shorting, executive insiders, etc. I trade off this analysis based on all the tools I have coded up over the years.

I will continue to update all my courses you can find at my store at https://quantlabs.shop/

As a result, I implore you to join my current pricing of this Quant Analytics which can be found here.


If you want to learn more, you will be permanently grandfathered in at this rate of $47. I am also scaling back on my videos for YouTube due to the bureaucracy of uploading videos. These will only be posted behind the Paywall!

I will be raising prices by 50% come this Tues Oct 11.. That goes from $47 to $67 per month.

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People Have No Idea What Is Coming: Warning from Ray Dalio

Here is the summary from Ray Dalio from this article summary:

Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming: Ray Dalio’s Warning https://www.newtraderu.com/2022/07/05/most-people-have-no-idea-what-is-coming-ray-dalios-warning/

He says there are three things happening in out lifetimes that have not happened before in our lives that he sees based on his own study of history.

  1. The creation of a huge amount of both currency and debt by governments and central banks .
  2. The amount of internal conflict the U.S. is having over how our taxes are spent and different values.
  3. The changing world order and how China and Russia now compete with the U.S. like never before in modern history of the past 80 years.

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WARNING: You need to watch this for your economic survival

This is a warning, I find we are entering some pretty stark times. I give you my views of this censorship from our big tech overlords It seems that this digital asset class can change your lives. Also, the West regulators are trying to hold back your potential. I cover all that in this video.

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