$28 Billion Jim Simons Day Trader that Even Warren Buffett Acknowledges

There are some excellent tips here for James Simons and his math-based and systematic strategy techniques

Here were the article highlights:

During Berkshire-Hathaway’s 2021 annual shareholders meeting they were asked by Becky Quick:

“What do you think of quants?”

“Jim Simons Medallion Fund has done +39% net of fees for three decades, which proves that it works.”

Warren Buffett’s response: “But they were very smart.”

Charlie Munger: “Yes, they got very rich. And very high grade by the way, Jim Simons.”

“But we are not trying to make money trading stocks. We don’t think we know how to do it.” Buffett summed up. [1]


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Here is the University of Oslo interview

Warren Buffett: How to Make Money During Inflation

Some highlights of this Warren Buffet article are below:

While unproductive assets like gold, art, and real estate can hold their value during inflation as a hedge against a devaluing currency they don’t produce cash flow and don’t have asset production value. Buffett prefers holding stocks of companies that produce commodities like oil and gold during a recession as a hedge

There are more inflation quotes as well.

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